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So, Alysha and Jessica got co-section leaders. Any particular reason why we need two people to run a section that has seven members, including them? Also, if anybody saw my, Jessica, and Alysha's group try out, tell me what I did wrong please.
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so i didnt make section leader.....

im pissed...but hey i guess i over reacted...

sorry to anyone i snapped at on monday....i was just really upset..

(or if anyone actually saw me throw or whale the chair across the room) sorry...


p.s our show next year is going to be AFRICAN! (drum and dance)


50.6, what a wonderful way to end the marching season! I'm so proud of all of you! Remember that we do not have rehearsal on Tuesday night. Fall festival is on November 2nd, so make sure you get the word out to people. This was a FANTASTIC season!

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The Dance went wonderfully! Congratulations to the high brass for winning sweet week, you've earned it!! Also, a big Congrats to Carl and Jillian for being our 04'- 05' band sweet heart and king cutie! The Clarinets did a superb job and received honorable mentions for their hard work! Every section deserves snaps for their efforts and spirit!! Way to go Cheifs for such a wonderful week! We did great!

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This morning around 2 AM Strohs Icecream Parlor burned down....The owners, John and Julie, were good friends of my family and my sister worked there for a long time...They always supported the music program at RHS and was one of the few places that would work around the busy schedule of marching band and all the other different practices and conflicts that came up..I was hoping maybe we could do something..a fundraiser or a collection, to help them out right now. Im gonna bring this up at the band council meeting and I might go to the booster meeting and say something or have my mom do it for me..but if anyone has any ideas on what we could do that would be awesome